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September 19, 2011


...to Alisa Weilerstein on being named one of the 2011 MacArthur Fellowship recipients. She is a regular visitor to Los Angeles and was last in here with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic in the spring. Prior to that she had performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic in May of 2010 with Gustavo Dudamel and she'll be returning next spring as part of the Piatigorsky International Cello Festival under Neeme Jarvi playing Tchaikovsky.


I'm flabbergasted, to put it politely. Who's next? Jeremy Denk?
In all seriousness, I posted this largely for you since I know that you aren't on twitter.
More to the point, congratulations to Francisco Nuñez, founder of the Young People's Chorus of New York City and a true American hero of the arts!
I was wondering if you remembered how much I dislike her, and not willing to presume you did, held back my initial thought- a three word response, ending with a word rhyming with "luck."

Now Tia Tequila is probably wondering how she can get one.
I was also going "Buh?" when I saw this posting.
Dear Brian: Like your redesign a lot though I think you should make the left-hand blog column be a solid color rather than a transparency just for ease of reading. Thank you, a devoted reader.
She is a very good cellist. To my ears, except for a large tone, she has just about everything. And the picture here shows quite nicely her response to her detractors.
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