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Many Thanks

November 24, 2010


This is a bit of the unparalleled operatic greatness I'm partaking of tonight. If you haven't, you should do whatever you can to see San Francisco Opera's current production of The Makropulos Case before it ends its run on Sunday. This year I'm thankful for Karita Mattila and Leos Janacek. Happy Thanksgiving.



There were lots of tickets for last night and I should have gone - but I will be at the last instead. Are you around for the weekend?
Sadly, no. I came up just for Wednesday night specifically to see Makropulos. I think it is that good. I'm back in lovely LA now for awhile though I wish I could come up next weekend for John Adams' El Nino at SFS. Happy Thanksgiving.
Oh, darn - because we are having a blogger lunch tomorrow before the last Makropulos, in honor of Alex Wellsung, who is in town for the show.
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