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You dropped a bomb on me

November 10, 2008

Photo: Ken Howard/Met 2008

An update on the Peter Gelb era at The Metropolitan Opera from a Starbucks in Times Square 11/9/08:

Blond, crunchy twentysomething guy with hairband: “Hey I saw this opera yesterday.”
2nd twentysomething guy: “How can you afford the opera?”
“I sat upstairs and it was cheap. It was this new opera about the guy who built the atomic bomb. It was totally cool and the music was great. And get this, Peter Sellars helped write it.”
2nd guy:
“You mean the Pink Panther guy?”
“Yeah. How totally cool is that.”


Genius. Ghost writing, literally.

I went to the Met in HD broadcast on Sat. Looked for you in the crowd, but they weren't very forthcoming with crowd shots.

I thought parts of it were pretty good, and "Batter My Heart" may be the most beautiful thing he's ever written. But overall, it was a tad...static. And what was that shit hanging all over the back of the stage...shrapnel...before the bomb exploded??

The Native American character I was confused by too. I liked Kitty's voice, though she seemed a tad worn out by the end.
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