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How do you measure a blog?

April 03, 2008


I was reading about some of this music blog ranking stuff lately and all of the arguments about the different ways to measure how many people are seeing a blog either by hits or links or whatever. I’ve never really cared much myself about how big or small Out West Arts is or how it “ranks” compared to other blogs. And while I will admit that I do keep track of visitors and hits and all that stuff, if you ask me for data about Out West Arts since its inception two years ago, I’d give you the following –

Number of people I have met in person due to OWA that I didn’t know otherwise – 10

Number of people that have told me that they appreciated or enjoyed something I've written– 25

Number of people who have told me that they listened to something or saw something that they wouldn’t have otherwise because of something I wrote – 6

Number of performers who’ve told me I’m an ass-hole for something I’ve written about them – 1

Number of times that I’ve been offered free tickets to something because of OWA – 12

Number of times I’ve accepted them – 0

Average number of hours a week I’ve spent working on OWA – 2.5

Number of other music blogs I think should link to OWA that don’t – 10

Number of other music blogs I don’t link to because I think they suck - 3

Number of times I’ve gotten laid due to OWA – 0

The bottom line is I write OWA because I enjoy it when I have the time. If someone else enjoys it as well, that’s great too. And as far as any ranking goes, all I can say is I hope other people who write blogs get as much enjoyment out of theirs as I do.


Number of people that have told me that they appreciated or enjoyed something I've written– 25

I hope I'm one of them; if not, count me in, because I really enjoy your take on things and your writing.

I was astonished to get a ticket this afternoon to the Debussy/Bartok/Ravel Los Angeles Philharmonic concert on Saturday; it's been sold out for weeks. Thank you patron who turned in your ticket! Looking forward to your review (I'm assuming you're going because it's listed on the left).
I also hope I'm in that 25.

There would have been less kerfuffle if anyone other than ACD had posted that list. Scott Speigelberg doesn't get whomped up and down the blogosphere when he posts his rankings.
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