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Nor Forgotten

November 18, 2012


Well in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to update Out West Arts. I’ve gotten some notes of concern from long-time readers over the last few weeks and just wanted to assure everyone that I’m not dead and am very much alive and likely in a theater or concert hall near you. Unfortunately, as many of you know OWA is entirely a labor of love for me and occasionally a few other participants around Los Angeles, but it has always been subject to the forces of my own life in the off line world. I’ve never talked much about that here and don’t intend to start now, but suffice it to say that family responsibilities have put added pressure on my time over the last two months and writing OWA has not made it onto the agenda for awhile. The hiatus won’t last forever, though. I’ve seen great stuff like Glass’ Einstein on the Beach and Joyce DiDonato’s kick-ass Carnegie Hall recital in support of her new recording Drama Queens. And I’ve seen garbage too, like much of the current Los Angeles Philharmonic Season so far. (If Salonen’s performance of Wozzeck with the Philharmonia Orchestra on their recent Los Angeles visit didn’t bring tears to your eyes for the lost past, you should have heard the Mahler 9 they did together.) But fear not, I’ll be back to spew more in the not too distant future. So, stay strong sports fans and by all means if you see me in public, stop by and say hi.


Thank you for the update. You post so regularly and obsessively that your disappearance was becoming seriously sad and worrying. Thank god it's just life inserting itself into your world, rather than personal disaster or death which is what I was starting to fear.

By the way, hated the Esa-Pekka Mahler Ninth until the last movement when I heard it at UC Berkeley. In fact, most of the concert made me feel like I was at a boring ecumenical church service for worshipers of Trash Compacted Mahler. Which puts me into a heretical minority, but hey, call it as you hear it.

Anyway, I am thrilled to read that you are okay.
Very glad to hear you are finally back. I bet I've clicked on your bookmark about 100 times since Oct. 3, only to sadly find the same picture of Andrew Norman. Things should be looking up at the LA Phil, at least up through mid-February, right?
Very sorry to hear about the additional family responsibilities. My mother is 91, so I sympathize. I hope all will be well, and look forward to your return to blogging.
Glad you are back! I am an avid reader, so I'm glad to read you are aive and well (and I too, have clicked on your bookmark about 100 times to see if you were back yet!).

Wish I could have seen the Salonen/Wozzeck. Sounds amazing. I STILL have his last concert with the LA Phil ringing gloriously in my ears, with that perfect Stravinsky sound he cultivated over the years. Maybe he'll come back?
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