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August 06, 2009


As you may have noticed, I’ve got a new look here at Out West Arts. It’s in celebration of my 3rd Anniversary of opening up my big mouth about stuff I really am in no position to write about meaningfully. (The actual anniversary is on August 16th, but due to some scheduling issues, I thought I’d start ringing in the new year now.) But things just keep going and going around here, so go figure. I want to thank everybody who has written to say hello, or commented, or linked to this space over the last year. It’s always great to hear from people who’ve looked at my humble little corner of the world. I’d also like to give a big “thank you” to Jeffrey who in many ways is the mysterious other half of Out West Arts in that he does most of the design, and keeps my large, unwieldy sentences from destroying other people's property as best he can. So keep reading. You never know when things might get interesting.


Oh, boy! That is different.

Congratulations on your birthday, and keep those reviews coming.
Well...if you insist..
We insist!
Yes we do!
Of course you're in no position to write about culture meaningfully, but since you've insisted on it, good for you. Your voice is your own, honest and reliable. I don't have to agree with it necessarily in order to respect it.

Though the new design is ultra-gay, I still like it, a readable improvement over the notebook style you were using previously.
"...of opening up my big mouth about stuff I really am in no position to write about meaningfully."

No kidding.
And yet...people continue to visit Out West Arts and read it in greater and greater numbers. Most of them visiting regularly.

Another of life's little ironies I suppose.
Dear Anonymous:


I've gotten some anonymous snark too, from people unwilling to express their opinions for attribution. My attitude: why bother either reading or commenting if you think the author has nothing worthwhile to say? I've removed a few blogs from my feed reader, for various reasons, including 1) didn't care for author's writing style 2) couldn't keep up with volume 3) didn't need my blood pressure raised that much that often.

I read Out West Arts and expect I will continue to do so. I don't get to the range of performances in the range of locations that Brian does. I'm always happy to read his urbane and frequently hilarious commentary.
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