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10 Questions for...
Sandra Bernhard

August 08, 2011


There is no one quite like Sandra Bernhard. Her particular blend of comedy and performance art have helped make her a comic legend and endeared her to legions of devoted fans. She’s well known for numerous film and TV roles and has released several recordings, both comedy and straightforward music over her quarter century career. But her live, cabaret style performances will always stay near and dear to my heart and are the appearances that most distinguish her from those around her. That unadulterated, bracing wit and razor sharp observation of a world full of misguided priorities makes an evening with Bernhard unlike any other. Luckily she’ll be bringing her latest show I Love Being Me, Don’t You? to REDCAT starting this Thursday. It's an ideal spot for the show and it's certainly bound to be a highlight for the month. The show has already been extended due to popular demand into a second week through the 18th, and tickets are going fast. There’s also a recording of the show made in a previous outing in San Francisco that’s available on iTunes. Luckily, Ms. Bernhard took some time from her busy mom-on-the-go schedule to tackle the Out West Arts 10 Questions.

  1. What’s the inspiration for "I Love Being Me, Don’t You?" the new
    recording and show that you’ll be bringing to L.A. this month at the

    The world around me and the world within me are always my major inspirations.

  2. How are you coping with the whole digital revolution?

    It's a love/hate thing. I don't like to see people wandering down the street detached on their iPhones unaware of people and places and experiences they are missing out on, but I do like to reach out to people in the quiet of my home and bridge many miles.

  3. Music has always played a large part in your performances. What makes a song ideal for you?

    If it is a song I can put my mark on, and a touch of irony, if it tells a good story that I can weave in and out of my own - that's a good song.

  4. Hollywood comes calling (again?) about a Sandra Bernhard reality TV
    show. Nightmare or dream come true?

    Neither, I simply have no interest in exploiting my life in that manner.

  5. What should I be reading on my summer vacation?

    I just read a great book, In the Garden of the Beasts by Erik Larson. It's a historical novel about Nazi Germany.

  6. What, if anything, has your mother taught you about comedy?

    Well, my mother is an original and an artist and a real character. Her humor comes out of being all of those things, she is a natural.

  7. Who would you like to see in a remake of Russ Meyer’s Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!?

    Myself and Angelina Jolie

  8. What are the absolute necessities when you’re working on the road?

    All of my fabulous homeopathic remedies, bath products, great candles, a down pillow, and organic fruits and vegetables.

  9. You’ve conquered so much of the world. Where would you most like to
    perform, but haven’t yet?

    In Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam

  10. What becomes a legend most?

    Someone who stays true to their muses, and writes down every idea that might lead to a great song, story or painting.

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Sandra's show at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax, quite a few years back, was terrific. Her performance at San Francisco Pride 2011 was dreadful. The reaction of the audience attested to that. While I have always admired her work, I do not think that the REDCAT is an appropriate venue. As a CalArts graduate, I strongly feel that the direction of the REDCAT should be reserved for Emerging Artists not mid career entertainers trying to be pop artists.
oh pleeeeeeeeeease....
I respectfully disagree with CCC. Somewhat insulting to reduce her to "mid career entertainers tying to be pop artists" Sandra is the only artist who has not sold out. She stayed true to her art and continues to speak her mind and push the envelope, consequences be damned! She is a right on sister and we love her for that. Without her, the live edge of your seat performance scene is nothing. Can't wait for Saturday.
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