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Pull Up to the Bumper

June 09, 2011


Did you get your exclusive offer from the Hollywood Bowl in the mail yet? I got mine today:
"As a 5 or More Concert Series patron, we invite you to take advantage of a unique opportunity at the Hollywood Bowl – Donor Valet Parking. Through this exclusive program, you can enjoy a designated, non-stacked valet parking space for each concert in your 5 or more series.

Donor Valet Parking spaces are in very high demand, but a limited number of spaces has become available for the upcoming 2011 season. This benefit is exclusively for L.A. Phil donors who contribute $2,000 or more. Donations are required per series, per space and are renewed annually.

We offer three levels of valet parking: Platinum, Gold and Bronze. Platinum level parking donors have the added benefit of using a dedicated express exit lane."

I understand L.A.’s car culture and all. And I recognize that stacked parking at the Bowl can be arduous. But a $400 (at a minimum) per show donation for valet parking? Am I missing something?



Ridiculous yes, but I bet there are plenty of people who will take the offer. Kind of like those tickets one can buy that get you to the front of the line of the rides at Disneyland.
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